Beryl of Augustine Grove by Crown Asia is a 2-storey single detached luxury homes for sale in Aguinaldo Highway, Barangay San Agustin 2, Dasmarinas, Cavite with 3 bedrooms, 3 toilet & bath, 2-car garage, 1 maid’s room, 1 powder room, 1 family area, 1 office/den, lanai with trellis, balcony, front porch and service area in a 177 sqm. (1,905 square feet) floor area.

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About Beryl of Augustine Grove

House ModelBeryl of Augustine Grove
Village Name
House TypeSingle Detached
House FinishesComplete Finish - Classic, Premium, Luxury
Floor Area177 square meters
Lot Area276 square meters
GarageProvision for Two (2)
Maid's RoomYes
Price RangePhp 9.4M – 13Million
Available Units
Track Record as Developer

Beryl of Augustine Grove Sample Computation

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Modes of Payment

1. Modes of Payment

  1. Cash
  • Spot Cash Payment
    • Pay in full Total Contract Price amount within 7-45 days
  • Deferred Cash Payment
    • No downpayment.
    • Pay full amount of Total Contract Price in 24 equal monthly installment without interest.
  1. Installment
  • Bank Financing
    • 15-20% downpayment payable in 3-6-12-14 monthly installment without interest.
    • Downpayment (DP) depends on construction status of the house.
    • Ready for Occupancy houses have shorter DP Terms (3-6 mos).
    • The 85-80% balance is loanable to Bank.
    • Developer will process your bank loan application. Just provide all required documents within 30 days.
  • Inhouse Financing
    • 15-20% regular downpayment payable in 6-12-14 monthly installment without interest.
    • The 85-80% balance is loanable to Developer who will process your loan application.

2. Reservation Fees – amount of Reservation Fees (RF) will depend on Total Contract Price amount:

  • Php 20,000.00 for Php3Million below packages
  • Php 40,000.00 for Php3.1Million to Php5.9Million packages
  • Php 80,000.00 for above Php6Million packages
  • Reservation Fee (RF) is part of downpayment and valid for 30 days only.
  • To avoid cancellation of RF after 30 days, Buyer must contact Developer’s office before Reservation Fee expires.

3. Loan Terms

  • Bank Financing
    • Maximum term is 15 yrs for OFW and 20 yrs. for locally employed.
    • Indicative interest rate is 8% per year.
    • However, prevailing interest rate will apply upon loan take-out.
    • Loan term will depend on Buyer’s age, work status and capacity to pay.
    • In case Buyer will not be approved for Bank Financing for whatever reason, In-House financing scheme will automatically be applied.
  • Inhouse Financing
    • For Locally Employed & OFW:
      • Maximum term is 10 yrs. Term depends on Buyer’s age, work, salary.
      • Interest rate is 19% per year.
    • For Not Working Filipinos Married to Foreigners:
      • Maximum terms is 2-5 yrs only. Depends on spouse’ age, work, salary.
      • Interest rate is 19% per year.

4. Start of Payment

  • Downpayment (for Bank & Inhouse financing) – 30 days after reservation date.
  • Amortization (for Bank and Inhouse financing) – after full downpayment
  • All payments must be made in favor of the developer.

5. Total Contract Price – includes 12% VAT, Registration and 6% Miscellaneous fees such documentary stamp tax, transfer tax and other taxes and fees relative to the transfer of Certificate of Title (TCT). List Price is based on the current pricelist and is subject to change without prior notice.

6. Discounts

  • Full Down Payment – 10% + 10% DP
    • 1% discount on TCP for Spot cash payment of 10% plus 10% DP payable in 12 mos, 80% balance loanable to bank
    • Applicable discounts shall be deducted from the loanable amount and shall be given upon loan release
    • Discount will be computated base on Total Contract Price
  • Full Down Payment – 20% + 5% DP
    • 2% discount on TCP for Spot cash payment of 20% plus 5% DP in 12 mos, 75% balance loanable to bank.
    • Applicable discounts shall be deducted from the loanable amount and shall be given upon loan release.
    • Discount will be computated base on Total Contract Price.
  • Spot Cash 20% DP
    • 8% if paid within reservation month
    • 10% if paid within 7 days
    • Discount will be computed base on Net Total Contract Price
  • Full Payment of Total Contract Price 
  • 5% discount if paid within 45 days base on Total Contract Price Amount
  • 6% discount if paid within 30 days base on Total Contract Price Amount
  • 8% discount if paid within 7 days base on Total Contract Price Amount

7. Accredited Banks

Asia United Bank, Banco De Oro, Bank of Commerce, BPI (Selected Projects), Chinabank Savings, Mayan/Malayan Bank, Philippine National bank, RCBC, United Coconut Planters Bank, Unionbank

8. Reminders about Reservation Fees, Bank Amortizations & Downpayments:

  • Reservation Fee is non-refundable.
  • In case of transfer / downgrade to other projects, 50% of the Reservation Fee will be forfeited.
  • Bank Amortizations are non-refundable and non-transferable in case of withdrawal and cancellation.
  • Downpayments may be transferrable on a case to case basis subject to approval.
  • Downpayments must be covered with postdated checks.

9. Other Fees to Pay Separately

  • Bank Charges  – for loan processing and documentation expenses.  To be paid directly to the bank before loan take-out.Estimated bank charges is 3% of loanable amount.
  • Insurances – Fire and Mortgage Redemption Insurance (MRI) will be added to monthly amortization.
  • Move-in Fees – are payment of water connection and Homeowners membership fee to be paid before move-in. Estimated amount is Php 10,000.00- up.
  • Construction Bond (optional) is required if you construct improvement like fencing, renovation and extension. This is refundable If there is no property damage after construction. Estimated amount starts at Php 50,000.00. Amount  depend on scope of improvement done.

Beryl of Augustine Grove Floor Plan

(Click image to enlarge)

House Features

  • Lot Area: 276 square meters
  • Floor Area: 177 square meters
  • Single Detached
  • Two (2) Storey House and Lot
  • 3 Bedroom
  • 3 Toilet and Bath
  • Provision for two (2) Carport
  • Balcony
  • Dining Room
  • Kitchen
  • Kitchen with built-in cabinets
  • Lanai
  • Laundry / utility area
  • Living Room
  • Maid's Room with toilet and bath
  • Provision for CATV, telephone, air conditioning outlet

House Finishes of Beryl of Augustine Grove

Roofing – Ashpalt Roof Shingles with Undersheeting (No gutters and downspout)
Exterior Wall Finishes – Painted Clapboard Finish with Decorative Concrete Mouldings
Interior Wall Finishes – Plain Painted Cement Finish
Ceiling – Painted Fiber Cement Board On Light Steel Frame (Second Floor and all T & B)
Wall Partitions – Painted Fiber Cement Board On Light Metal Framing
Floor Finishes:
Ground Floor – 40cm x 40cm Ceramic Tiles
Second Floor – Vinyl Strips
Lanai/Porch – Peblle Washout Finish
Carport – Peblle Washout Finish with Grooves
Balcony – Peblle Washout Finish
Windows – Clear Glass Panels. Aluminum Powder Coated Frames
Door and Lockset:
Main – Painted Steel Door with Pitcher-Type Lockset
Service – Painted Steel Door with Cylindrical Knobset
Interior – Painted Flush Door with Cylindrical Knobset
T & B – PVC Door with Cylindrical Knobset
Kitchen Cabinets – Concrete Base Cabinets and Painted Wooden Doors with Stainless Kitchen Sink and Faucet on 60cm x 60cm Homogenous Tiles.
Master & Bedrooms – No Cabinets
T & B Fixtures – Ceramic Toilet Fixtures with Shower Set
T & B Finishes on Floor / Wall tiles – 30cm x 30cm Ceramic Tiles
Stairs :
Steps – Stained Finish Wooden Threads
Handrail – Stained Finish Wooden Handrails
Balluster – Painted Steel Ballusters
Cornices – Stained Finish Kiln Dried Wood
Baseboards – Stained Finish Kiln Dried Wood
Auxiliary – Electrical Provisions for Airconditioning units for all Second Floor Bedrooms. Cable and
Telephone Outlets for Master’s Bedroom and Living Area


BERYL OF AUGUSTINE GROVE MODEL in Crown Asia’s is delivered to you complete with floor tiles, painted finish and with kitchen cabinet in ground floor.


You may upgrade the house finishes from Classic to Premium, Luxury or Elegance. See complete details of house specifications here


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Beryl of Augustine Grove Dressed-up Photos

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