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Antonello House Model of Amore at Portofino – Luxury Homes for Sale along Daang Hari Road, Dasmarinas City, Cavite

Antonello is a 2-storey single detached house model of Amore at Portofino, an Italian-inspired exclusive residential community located 8 minutes away from Madrigal Business Park and Alabang Town Center. Antonello has 5 bedrooms, 1 family hall, 1 office/den and 1 maid’s room, 3 toilet & bath, 1 powder room, 2- car garage, lanai, balcony, front porch  and utility room.

Antonello is only for the most discerning clients with appreciation of elegant design, style and taste. Simply the best private residence along Daang Hari Road with the finest of quality materials and built in the classic Italian-inspired architecture. Call +63917.530.5817 for a free private viewing appointment and discussion.

About Antonello Model

Village NameAmore at Portofino
Site AddressDaang Hari Road, Barangay Salawag, Dasmarinas City, Cavite, Philippines 4114
Floor Area286 square meters
Lot Area396 square meters
GarageProvision for Two (2)
Maid's RoomYes (with own toilet and bath)
House Turn-overComplete Finish – Standard, Premium & Master’s Collection
Price RangePhp Php 20M – 50Million
DeveloperBrittany Corporation
Track Record as Developer22 yrs (since 1993)

Antonello Model Sample Computation?

Payment Terms and Conditions?

Modes of Payment

  • Spot Cash – 100% payable within 7 days, 30 days or within Reservation month
  • Deffered Payment – No downpayment at 0% interest
    • Lot Only – 100% payable in 36 months
    • Ready for Occupancy (RFO) House and Lot – 100% payable in 6 months
    • Non-Ready for Occupancy (NRFO) House and lot Scheme 1 – 100% payable in 24 months
    • Non-Ready for Occupancy (NRFO) House and lot Scheme 2 – 100% payable in 36 months with 5% tucked in on TCP.
    • Non-Ready for Occupancy (NRFO) Condo – 100% payable in 10 months
  • Bank or Inhouse Financing
    • NRFO Condo – 15% DP in 10 months;  85% loanable
    • NRFO House and Lot Scheme 1 – 30% DP in 18 months; 70% loanable
    • NRFO House and Lot Scheme 2 – 10% Spot DP; 20% in 18 months; 70% loanable
    • RFO House and Lot – 20% DP in 6 months; 80% loanable
    • Lot Only Scheme 1 – 30% DP in 24 months; 70% loanable
    • Lot Only Scheme 2 – 10% Spot DP; 30% in 36 months; 60% loanable

Reservation Fees (RF) – amount will depend on house and lot packages:

  • Php 50,000.00 for 6M below
  • Php 100,000.00 for 6M –  10M
  • Php 150,000.00 for above 10M
  • Reservation Fee is part of downpayment and valid for 30 days only.
  • To avoid cancellation of RF after 30 days, Buyer must contact Developer’s office before expiry date.

Loan Terms

  • Bank Financing
    • Up to 15 yrs  for OFW; 20 yrs. for locally employed.
    • Interest rate is 8% per year but prevailing interest rate will apply upon loan take-out.
    • In case Buyer will not be approved for Bank Financing for whatever reason, In-House financing scheme will automatically be applied
  • Inhouse Financing
    • Maximum term is 10 yrs.
    • 16% interest per year for 5 yrs term
    • 18% interest per year for 10 yrs. Term
    • Age allowed is 21 – 55 yrs. old

Start of Payment

  • Downpayment  (for Bank & Inhouse financing) – 30 days after reservation date.
  • Amortization (for Bank and Inhouse financing) – after full downpayment or DP term.

Total Contract Price – include taxes, transfer of title, miscellaneous fees & Meralco connection. Water connection is not included.


  • Full Down Payment  (House & Lot Only)
    • 12%  if paid within Reservation Month
    • 10%  If paid within 30 days
    • Discount will be computed base on Net Downpayment (DP) amount
    • Net DP means reservation fee, misc. fees, vat (if applicable) and promo discount are deducted from downpayment amount
  • Full Payment of Total Contract Price (House & Lot & Lot Only)
    • 15% if paid within 7 days
    • 12%  if paid within Reservation Month
    • 10%  If paid within 30 days
    • Discount will be computed base on Net Total Contract Price (TCP).
    • Net TCP means reservation fees, misc. fees, vat if applicable and promo discount are deducted from total contract price)

Accredited Banks

  • BDO, China Bank, RCBC, Union Bank, Bank of Commerce, Asia United Bank (AUB), BPI

Reminders about Reservation Fees, Down Payment and Amortization

  • Reservation Fee, down payment and amortization are not refundable.

Other Fees to Pay Separately

  • Bank Charges  – for loan processing and documentation expenses.  To be paid directly to the bank before loan take-out.   Estimated bank charges is 3-4% of loanable amount.
  • Insurance – Fire and Mortgage Redemption Insurance (MRI) will be added to monthly amortization by the bank. Estimated monthly insurances is 0.0006 of loanable amount.
  • Real Property Tax – To be paid when unit is turned-over then every year thereafter.  Tax amount depends on property amount and location.
  • Move-in Fees – are payment of water connection and Homeowner’s membership fee only.  To be paid before move-in.
  • Existing Homeowners’ Association Monthly Dues:
    • La Posada – Php 2,500/month
    • Crosswinds – Php2,800.00 per month
    • Condo – Php 90.00 per square meter
    • Georgia Club – Php6.00 per square meter  + VAT
    • Portofino – Php9.00 per square meter  + VAT
    • Augustia – Php5.00 per square meter  + VAT
  • Construction Bond (optional) – is required if you construct improvement like fencing, renovation and extension. This is refundable if there is no property damage after construction. Estimated amount starts at Php150,000.00 – up for house and lot.  Amount depends on scope of improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What are the required documents during Reservation of unit?

  • 2 Government Issued ID of Client and Atty-in-Fact (AIF)
  • Payment of Reservation Fee
  • Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
  • Signed Marketing Briefing Form
  • Signed Site Map and Floor/Level Plan
  • Signed and Filled out Reservation Agreement Form (RA)
  • Properly filled out and signed Buyer’s Information Sheet (BIS)
  • Signed Quotation Sheet (QS)
  • Details of Atty-in-Fact (AIF) for Clients (and spouses) working abroad

Reservation Process Flow

  • Pay the Reservation Fee in Cash, Credit Card or Check
  • Sign Reservation documents
  • Submit reservation documents to Marketing Officer
  • Submit remaining documents within 30 days
  • Attend Admin Briefing
  • Attend Marketing/Project Briefing

Pre-Qualification Requirements for Bank Loan Approval

  • Income – Gross Monthly Income X Credit Ratio
    • Credit Ratio:
      • Locally Employed – 30%
      • OFW – 30%
      • Self-Employed – 25%
  • Dependents  – how many?
  • Employment  –  length of tenure & company stability
  • Age – at least 21 yrs old – 50 yrs old.

List of Requirements – see complete list of requirements here.

When Is the Start of Construction? – for Bank and In-house Financing, upon 15% payment of Total Contract Price (TCP)

Estimated Construction Period  is  12 – 15 months

When can Buyer move-in? 

  • Bank Financing – after full down payment & bank loan is released.
  • In-house Financing   –   after full down payment, issuance of post dated checks and complete requirements are submitted.

Are there restrictions on house improvement?  – Yes.  Buyer must first submit sketches of improvement to Developer’s office for approval.  No deletion on any part of the house is allowed.

Why do we see different prices in the internet?

  • Price is cheaper for regular lot, inner unit, duplex, single attached, beside perimeter fence, facing west,  no park and far from entrance.
  • Price is higher with bigger lot areas like end lot, corner lot, irregular lot cut, facing east, located along main road, near park, amenities and entrance.
  • Price may have change when you saw the computation. Please always ask for update.

Amore at Portofino Home Buying Guide?

General Steps On Buying a House and Lot in Amore at Portofino

Through the years, the developer - Brittany Corporation has worked to make quality homes available to Filipinos the easiest possible way. Following are basic and important home buying steps you should know about your home of choice in Amore at Portofino.


You may inquire from our Property Consultant thru phone, email or live chat about the details, development, project features, available inventories, financing options, promo, discounts and other information of the desired house model and village. You're free to ask information relevant to the company, the project or details in acquiring a property. Read more…

Antonello Model Floor Plan

(Click image to enlarge)

Antonello Model House Features

  • Lot Area: 396 square meters
  • Floor Area: 286 square meters
  • Single Detached
  • Two (2) Storey House and Lot
  • 5 Bedroom
  • 6 Toilet and Bath
  • Provision for two (2) Carport
  • Balcony
  • Den
  • Dining Room
  • Family Hall
  • Front Porch
  • Kitchen
  • Lanai
  • Laundry / utility area
  • Living Room
  • Maid's Room with toilet and bath
  • Master's with walk-in closet
  • Powder Room
  • Provision for CATV, telephone, air conditioning outlet

Antonello Model House Finishes

  • ROOFING MATERIAL - Pre-painted concrete roof tiles
  • Roof Insulation - Included
  • EXTERIOR WALL FINISHES - Stucco in Paint Finish with Decorative Concrete Mouldings
  • Stone Cladding - Synthetic Stones
  • Perimeter Wall - Plastered Wall in Paint Finish
  • Interior Partition – Partition Wall in Paint Finish
  • Ground Floor - 60cm x 60cm Homogeneous Tiles
  • Second Floor - Laminated Wood Flooring
  • Garage – Pebble Washout Finish 40cm x 40cm with Ceramic Tile Accents
  • Outdoors - 40cm x 40cm Ceramic Floor Tiles with Pebble Washout Borders
  • Interior Ceiling - Ceiling Board in Paint Finish (Ground Floor and Second Floor)
  • Roof Eaves – Ceiling Board in Paint Finish
  • Cornices – Included
  • Baseboards - Included
  • Treads - Wood Planks in Stain Finish
  • Handrail – Metal Handrails in Paint Finish
  • Baluster – Metal Balusters in Paint Finish
  • Main Door - Painted Steel Door with Pitcher-Type Lockset
  • Service Door - Painted Steel Door with Lever- Type Lockset
  • Interior Doors - Painted MDF Door with Lever- Type Lockset
  • T & B / Powder Room Doors – Painted HDF Door with Lever-Type Lockset
  • Door Casing – Not Included
  • Door Stopper - Included
  • Frames - Aluminum Powder Coated Frames
  • Glass – Clear Glass
  • Screen – Not Included
  • CLOSET – Modular Cabinet with Cabinet Pulls (for all bedroom except Maid’s Quarter)
  • Floor & Wall Tiles - 30cm x 60cm Ceramic Tiles (floor to ceiling in all areas)
  • Water Closet – Ceramic Water Closet with Plastic Toilet Seat
  • Lavatory – Ceramic Pedestal Lavatory (or with counter if applicable to plan)
  • Shower Partition / Enclosure – Included
  • Bathtub – Ceramic Drop-in Tub (if applicable to plan; alternative to shower partition / enclosure)
  • Shower Fixture – Stainless Steel Rain Shower with Telephone Shower Set
  • Lavatory Faucet – Stainless Steel Single-Hole, One Handle Lavatory Faucet
  • Floor & Wall Tiles - 30cm x 60cm Ceramic Tiles (floor to ceiling in all areas)
  • Water Closet – Ceramic Water Closet with Plastic Toilet Seat
  • Lavatory – Ceramic Pedestal / Semi-Pedestal Lavatory (or with counter if applicable to plan)
  • Shower Partition / Enclosure – NOT Included
  • Bathtub – NOT Included
  • Shower Fixture – Stainless Steel Rain Shower
  • Lavatory Faucet – Stainless Steel Single-Hole, One Handle Lavatory Faucet
  • Floor & Wall Tiles - 30cm x 30cm Ceramic Tiles (1.80m high in all areas)
  • Water Closet – Ceramic Water Closet with Plastic Toilet Seat
  • Lavatory – Ceramic Wall-Hung Lavatory
  • Shower Fixture – Stainless Steel In-Wall Shower Set
  • Lavatory Faucet – Stainless Steel Single-Hole, Self-Shutting Lavatory Faucet
  • Cabinet – Modular Cabinet with Cabinet Pulls
  • Countertop – Granite
  • Sink – Stainless Steel Double-tub Sink with Faucet
  • Cabinet – Carpentered
  • Countertop – 20cm x 20 xm Ceramic Tiles
  • Sink – Stainless Steel Single-Tub Sink with Faucet
  • WALL LAMPS - Included

Leandro house model of Amore at Portofino has 2 choices of house finishes – Standard and Premium Collection.  For a fee, you can upgrade from Standard to Premium to suit your taste and style. See complete details of house specifications here.

Antonello Model Dressed-up Photos

Dressed-up photos are only presentation of ideas or suggestions on how to improve, decorate and furnish your unit. All furnitures, beds and improvements done on the dressed-up unit is NOT included in the Turn-over. Please refer to Turn-over Specifications for references.

Amore at Portofino Location

(Click image to enlarge)

Exsiting Public Transportation in Amore at Portofino

Public utility vehicles are not allowed inside the Amore at Portofino.

Along Daang Hari Road:

  • Multi-cab
  • Jeepney
  • UV Express

How to Get To Amore at Portofino

From Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3
Pasay, Metro Manila
Via Metro Manila Skyway
26.4 km about 33 min. without traffic

  • Get on Metro Manila Skyway in Taguig from Andrews Ave
  • Merge onto Metro Manila Skyway
  • Take Commerce Ave to Daang Hari
  • Drive from Daang Hari Road to Bacoor City
  • Take Daang Reyna to your destination in Dasmariñas City
  • Amore at Portofino is on the right side

From Tagaytay Rotonda near Days Hotel
Via Emilio Aguinaldo Hwy/R-2      41 min
41.8 km about 41 min without traffic

  • Follow Emilio Aguinaldo Hwy/R-2 to Daang Hari Road in Imus City
  • Follow Daang Hari Road and Daang Reyna to your destination in Dasmariñas City
  • Amore at Portofino is on the right side.

Amore at Portofino Nearby Facilities


  • De la Salle Zobel
  • Woodrose
  • San Beda Alabang
  • Southville International School


  • Asian Hospital and Medical Center
  • Ospital ng Muntinlupa
  • Metro South Medical Center
  • University of Perpetual Help Medical Center

Religious Institutions

  • Greenhills Christian Fellowship (South Metro)
  • St. Jerome Parish
  • St. James the Great Parish
  • New Life
  • San Beda Alabang Chapel

Major Places

  • Fernbrook Gardens
  • Petron Gasoline Station
  • Rustan’s Supermarket, Ace Hardware, Powerbooks
  • Banco de Oro, Derma Gold, One Spa and other services

Malls and Leisure Spots

  • Evia Lifestyle Center
  • Alabang Town Center
  • Festival Mall
  • SM Southmall
  • Sm Molino

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