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If you are an aspiring homebuyer who is actively searching for properties for sale in property listing websites, and not to mention, being also actively on the rounds of attending open houses, you have probably heard the word preselling.

What is Pre-selling?

Preselling or off-the-plan properties as real estate folks call it, are usually in the form of condominiums, townhouses, and house and lot, are units that are being sold in advance of its completion.


While it may seem unconventional to a homebuyer to buy a property in pre-selling state that is totally non-existent to the casual eye, presold properties entitle homebuyers many advantages such as discounted prices and the first pick of the best locations/units. Read on to know more about the benefits of buying properties while it is still in its preselling stage.

Advantages of Buying a Property in a Pre-selling Stage


It’s cheaper. In the absence of the physical unit, preselling properties are being sold at a cut-rate price of 30% to 50% off compared to the price of a finished unit. Aside from its affordable introductory price, presold properties are offered with a discounted down payment price and can be also paid through a more flexible financing scheme.


It gives buyers the best options. In buying RFO or ready-for-occupancy units, more often than not, buyers are usually left to choose from the less desirable unit locations. In buying preselling properties, buyers are granted a privilege to choose their ideal lot or unit location at an early phase. Unlike from buying RFO units, condominium projects at preselling stage gives you premium advantage to choose the unit location you really like.


It’s a good investment choice. The value of the presold unit appreciates once the construction of the property is completely done. At such time of completion, the value of the finished property is expected to increase rapidly – given that it is strategically built within prime locations and is highly accessible.

It can provide a steady source of income

It can provide a steady source of income. Once the property is completely done and is now ready for occupancy, the buyer can opt to rent it out – through this the buyer generates a source of steady cash flow. Alternatively, the buyer can also make more from his/her property by selling it, at such time that it has increased its value.

As a smart homebuyer, you must be vigilant that any offer that comes with great advantages also carries some risks. One of the most dreadful thing that could turn out is there is a chance the developer you signed up with might back out from the contract and may not be able to deliver the unit at all. If you are unsure of investing to presold properties but does not also want to miss its perks, there is Camella for you.

Camella offers variety of property types from House and Lot to Condominium – all strategically placed near hospitals, churches, schools, malls, and other commercial establishments. Camella’s reliable and seasoned representatives will be there to provide you professional advice and guidance throughout your home buying process – so there’s no need to worry of your hard-earned money going to drain.

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