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South Residences – Condo Home For Sale near SM Southmall Las Pinas City

South Residences – Condo Home For Sale near SM Southmall Las Pinas City Banner

South Residences is a luxurious 2.2-hectare Sub-Urban sea side community inspired by modern topical design in Edsa Extension corner Sunrise Drive, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City. Shell Residences is an exclusive luxurious condominium complex with views of Manila Bay sunset.

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About South Residences

Site AddressEdsa Extension corner Sunrise Drive, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City
Land Area7 Hectares
No. of Buildings4
Floors per building16 floors
No. of Units3,086
Parking Areas
Unit Turn-overComplete
Price RangePHP3.8M – 19Million
DeveloperSM Development Corporation (SMDC)
Track Record as Developer19 yrs (since 1996)

Condo Units Available for Sale at South Residences


Tower : TOWER 1
Unit Type: 1 Bedroom Unit with Balcony
Floor/Unit Area: ± 23.02 Sqm
View: Facing South
Interior Finish: Complete Finish


Tower : TOWER 1
Unit Type: 2 Bedroom End Unit with Balcony
Floor/Unit Area: ± 36.76 SQM
View: Facing South
Interior Finish: Complete Finish


Note: Price may change without prior notice.



South Residences – Dress-up Unit


Disclaimer: A dressed-up unit is for presentation purposes only to give idea when a unit is furnished.  Appliances, furnitures and fixtures are not included in the quoted price. Please refer to Unit Materials and Finishes for turnover / deliverables.

Estimated Condo Turn-Over of South Residences

  • 4th Quarter of 2015

South Residences Site Development Map

Site Development Map of South Residences

(Click image to enlarge)

South Residences Sample Computation

South Residences Payment Terms & Conditions

Modes of Payment

  • Spot Cash – 100% payable within 30 days. Discount is 10% base on List Price.
  • Spot Downpayment (DP)
    • Option 1 – 10% Spot DP; 90% over 30 months. Discount is 2% base on List Price.
    • Option 2 – 20% Spot DP; 80% over 30 months. Discount is 3.5% base on List Price.
    • Option 3 – 50% Spot DP; 50% over 30 months. Discount is 5% base on List Price
    • Note:  Number of months will shorten as condo construction is near completion.
  • Deferred Payment
    • No downpayment.  Zero interest.
    • Pay full Total Contract Price in 33 months without interest.
  • Spread Downpayment
    • Option 1 – 10% DP in 24 months;  90% Cash or Bank
    • Option 2 – 15% DP in 30 months;  85% Cash or Bank
    • Option 3 – 20% DP in 33 months;  80% Cash or Bank
    • Note:  Number of months will shorten as condo construction is near completion
  • Easy Payment Scheme
    • Option 1 – 10% Spot DP; 10% DP in 30 months; 80% Cash or Bank
    • Option 1 – 20% Spot DP; 10% DP in 30 months; 70% Cash or Bank. Discount is 1% base on List Price
    • Note:  Note:  Number of months will shorten as condo construction is near completion

Loan Terms

  • Bank Financing 
    • Up to 10yrs  for OFW; 15 yrs. for locally employed.
    • Approved loan term depends on age, work & capacity to pay.
    • Interest rate is 7.5% per year but prevailing interest rate apply upon loan take-out.
    • In case Buyer is not approved in Bank Financing for whatever reason, In-House financing will automatically apply.
  • Inhouse Financing
    • Maximum term is 10 yrs.
    • 16% interest per year for 5 yrs term
    • 18% interest per year for 10 yrs. Term
    • Age allowed is 21 – 55 yrs. old

Start of Payment

  • Downpayment  (for Bank & Inhouse financing) – 30 days after reservation date.
  • Amortization (for Bank and Inhouse financing) – after full down payment or DP term.

Total Contract Price (TCP) – include Registrations Fees, Documentary Stamp Tax from BIR, Transfer Tax Fees from city Treasurer’s Office, Water and Meralco Meter Installation, Handling Fees and Miscellaneous fees. However, 12% VAT tax will be added to the TCP if it exceeds Php3.1Million.

Accredited Banks

  • BDO, China Bank, BPI, PNB, HSBC, UCPB

Other Fees to Pay Separately

  • Bank Charges  – for loan processing and documentation expenses.  To be paid directly to the bank before loan take-out.   Estimated bank charges is 3-4% of loanable amount.
  • Insurance – Fire and Mortgage Redemption Insurance (MRI) will be added to monthly amortization by the bank. To be paid directly to the insurance company. Estimated monthly insurances is 0.0006 of loanable amount.
  • Real Property Tax – To be paid when unit is turned-over then every year thereafter.  Tax amount depends on property amount and location.
  • Move-in Fees – are payment of water connection and Homeowner’s membership fee only.  To be paid before move-in.
  • Estimated Homeowners’ Association Monthly Dues:
    • Sea Residences – Php105.00/square meters
    • Shell Residences – Php100.00/square meters
  • Construction Bond (optional) – is required if you construct improvement or renovation of the unit. This is refundable if there is no property damage after construction. Amount depends on scope of improvement.

Important Reminders

  • Reservation fee is non- refundable and not transferable to other units.
  • Downpayment maybe transferred subject to approval, payment of service & transfer fee.
  • Estimated cost of changes is Php45,000.00 per unit request.
  • Promo discount given during reservation is not transferable and refundable.
  • Prices, Terms and Availability are subject to change without prior notice.

South Residences Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the floor-to-floor height? – (+-) 3 meters
  2. What is the floor to ceiling height? – (+-) 2.4m – 2.7m
  3. How wide is the hallway? – (+-) 1.5 meters
  4. Is there discount for Spot or Full down payment? Discount range vary from 2% – 5% of the down payment depending on the location of the condominium project.
  5. Is there discount for Cash Term (full TCP) payment? Standard discount applicable to all condo projects:
    • 5% – if located in Mall of Asia and Makati area
    • 10% – if located outside Mall of Asia and Makati
  6. Can a residential unit be used for commercial purposes? – No, all residential units shall be used for residential purposes only.
  7. Is the balcony part of the residential area? (for applicable units) – Yes, the balcony forms part of the residential area. However, putting any unsightly fixtures (e.g. clothesline, cleaning materials, etc.) in the balcony that are visible from the exterior of the building is not allowed.
  8. Are walls between units soundproofed? – Yes, up to 40 decibels
  9. How many units can be combined? – A maximum of 5 adjacent units can be combined subject for approval.
  10. Are the tower/building interconnected? – Most of the buildings will be connected at their support level amenities
  11. How is the collection of garbage? – Each floor has garbage room available 7am to 7pm
  12. Are unit main doors facing each other along the hallways? – Yes
  13. How many parking slots can the buyer purchase? – 1 is to 1 and must be unit owner
  14. What are Accredited Banks of SMDC? – BDO, BPI, PNB, Chinabank, Union Bank, HSBC, PSBank, Security Bank, Robinsons bank
  15. Are the unit Perpetual Ownership? – For Filipino buyer, yes it’s Perpetual Ownership and has CCT/Title.
  16. Can foreigner allowed to buy? – Yes. 40% of the total units per project can be alloted to a foreign buyer as Perpetual Ownership.
  17. What if the 40% alloted to foreign buyer is sold-out? – They can still buy from the remaining 60% under ASSIGNMENT OF RIGHT TO USE (ARTU). This is no longer Perpetual Ownership so there’s no CCT/Title. It is leasehold with 50 years contract.
  18. Does ARTU have CCT and CTS? – None. Only Contract of Use but it has the same right like other owners since foreign buyer is assign as proxy/assignee by SMDC.
  19. Can ARTU transfer the Right of Use? – ARTU can only transfer the Rights of Use with the remaining unused term from 50 years.
  20. What is the advantage of ARTU? – It has 10% upfront discount on top of standard discounts.
  21. What are the payment terms of ARTU? – 1.) Deffered Cash ) Spot Cash  3.) Standard DP term but remaining balance is payable in cash
  22. Can buyer under ARTU apply a bank loan? It can’t be applied for bank loan because it has no Title (CCT).
  23. Can foreign buyer apply for a bank loan here in the Philippines? Yes, if unit is under perpetual ownership.
  24. What banks accept loan application from foreign buyer? Union Bank
  25. What are the requirements? Must have a Filipino Atty-in-Fact (SPA) plus basic requirements. If buyer is a holder of Resident Visa, no SPA is required.
  1. What are the fees to pay when transferring unit? Transfer fee, CCT Title Transfer and return the 10% affront discount given during reservation.
  2. Can buyer resell his/her unit under ARTU to a foreigner or Filipino? Transfer fee will apply.
  3. How much is the transfer fee for Perpetual or ARTU units? It’s Php100,00.00
  4. What are the condo projects under ARTU? – Shore Series, Fame, Red, Bloom. Other condo project may follow once the 40% cap is reached.
  5. Are pets allowed in the residential building? – No, the Owner is not allowed to house or keep pets of any kind, even temporarily.
  6. When can a unit owner move in to their unit? – Buyers will be allowed to move in after the following conditions are met:
    • Construction of project has been completed.
    • Buyer has met the payment & documentary requirements for move-in.
    • Buyer has signed the Certificate of Acceptance.
    • Buyer has settled the required Working Capital (equivalent to 3 months Condo Dues).
    • Buyer has submitted the filled out move-in forms.
    • Buyer has attended the orientation on the House Rules conducted by the Property Administration.
    • Buyer has submitted all other documents as may be required by the Property Administration.
  7. How much are the monthly condominium dues? – May still vary depending on the condo location and projected operational cost of the project upon turnover. Estimated amount range from Php70.00 – Php120.00
  8. What is the purpose of collecting condominium dues from the unit owners? – Condominium dues are used to pay the following expenses:
    • Operating and maintenance expenses of the condominium
    • Insurance premiums, real estate and property taxes of the amenities and common areas
    • Permits and licenses fees paid to the government
    • Other necessary expenses
  9. When will a unit owner start paying for the condominium dues? – Payment of condominium dues will start once the unit has been accepted by the unit owner or deemed accepted based on turnover policy.
  10. Who can purchase a parking slot? – Only unit owners can purchase a parking slot.
  11. What happens if a unit owner does not get a parking slot? – Unit owners who did not purchase parking slots may opt to rent parking slots from SMDC Leasing or from other unit owners who are renting out their parking slots.
  12. If a purchased residential unit was cancelled by the buyer, what happens to the purchased parking slot? – With this scenario, the parking slot purchased will also be cancelled.
  13. Are there any fees to be collected for using the facilities/amenities in the condominium? – Yes in some areas like funsction rooms, swimming pool, etc. The use of facilities and amenities are generally covered by the condominium dues. Such fees will be used to cover maintenance and utility costs.

South Residences Unit Finishes

Wall Finishes

  • Interior Walls: Painted Finish
  • Toilet & Bath: Combination of Tiles and Painted Finish
  • Living & Dining: Painted Finish

Floor Finishes

  • Living, Dining & Kitchen: 600 x 600 Homogeneous Tiles
  • Toilet & Bath: 300 x 300 Vitrified Floor Tiles
  • Bedroom: 600 x 600 Homogeneous Tiles
  • Balcony: Vitrified Floor Tiles


  • Main Door: Steel Molded or Laminated wood door
  • Toilet & Bath: PVC Door/Laminated door
  • Bedroom (1BR): Sliding glass door on laminated wood frame
  • Bedroom (2BR): Laminated wood door


  • Windows: Tempered glass on powder coated aluminum or uPVC frame
  • Balcony Railing: Powder coated aluminum
  • Kitchen Cabinets: Laminated wood overhead and under counter cabinets
  • Granite Kitchen Countertop

Amenities in South Residences

  • Children’s Playground
  • Adult Pool
  • Kiddie Pool
  • Pool Gazebos
  • Jogging Trail
  • Clubhouse
  • Modern Tropical Garden
  • Function Rooms
  • Main Gazebo


  • 5-elevators per Tower
  • 24-Hour Security
  • Automatic Fire Detection and Alarm System
  • Stand-by Genset for common areas and select residential outlets
  • Centralized Cistern Tank
  • Sewerage Treatment Plant
  • Meralco Power
  • Maynilad Water
  • Sufficient Fire Exits
  • Provision for 2 Telecoms Provider
  • Cable Ready


Please inquire about Property Management services that are available at reasonable rates for needs like:

  • Unit Leasing
  • General Maintenance
  • Housekeeping

South Residences Location

South Residences is situated in Edsa Extension corner Sunrise Drive, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.

Vicinity Map: How to Get To South Residences

(Click image to enlarge)

Exsiting Public Transportation

  • Jeepney
  • Taxi
  • Buses

How to Get To South Residences

Located along Alabang–Zapote Road, Behind of SM South Mall you will find South Residences, is just few minutes` drive to:

TAS Transit, Alabang–Zapote Road, Almanza Uno, Las Pinas, 1740 Metro Manila 7min/1.2km
NAIA 1 Airport  46mins/19.5kmAlabang Toll Exit  17mins/5.1km
Manila Skyway  18mins/5.1km
Coastal Toll Exit  30mins/9km.
NAIA Expressway  39mins/14.2km
LRT Baclaran Station  46mins/16.6km
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig  51mins/22.1km

South Residences is walking distance to jeepney stop and taxi stand. It is highly accessible thru:

SM Southmall, Alabang–Zapote Road, Pamplona, Almanza Uno, Las Pinas, Metro Manila 5mins/800m
Coastal Mall Metro Bus Station, Coastal Mall Terminal Rd, Parañaque, Metro Manila. 45mins/15.9km
Alabang – Zapote Road
Marcos Alvarez Road
Daang Hari Road
S Luzon Expy 42mins/14.8km

Nearby Facilities


  • San Beda College - Alabang
  • De La Salle Santiago- Zobel
  • University of Perpetual Help System
  • AMA Computer College - 0.53 km
  • Almanza Elementary School - 0.62 km
  • Philippines Merchant Marine School - 0.78 km
  • PMMS - 0.87 km
  • Las Pias College - 0.88 km


  • Las Pias City Medical Center - 0.49 km
  • Nephrology Center of Las Pinas Dialysis Inc. - 0.49 km
  • Valderrama Clinic - 0.65 km
  • Alabang Medical Clinic - 0.78 km
  • Mary Immaculate Parish LyingIn Clinic - 1.12 km

Religious Institutions

  • Shrine of Jesus
  • San Isidro Parish

Major Places

  • Mall of Asia
  • SMX Convention Center
  • MOA Arena
  • Blue Wave
  • Seaside Market
  • World Trade Center
  • Solaire Resort & Casino
  • Coconut Palace
  • PICC
  • CCP
  • Star City

Malls and Leisure Spots

  • The SM Store - 0.34 km
  • SM Supermarket - 0.40 km
  • Savemore Market - 0.59 km
  • Robinsons Easymart - 0.70 km
  • Imperial Appliance Plaza - 0.79 km

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