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The following are basic and important details that you should know about owning your own home of choice.

1. Inquire about this Property
Ask thru chat, email, text or call to know more about the features, available units, required cash-out, computation, financing options, requirements and other details.

2. Qualifying Questions
To help you know if you’re qualified to apply for bank financing, please be honest when asked the following questions:

A. Did you have previous loans or credit card that was unpaid, cancelled or in amnesty? This is bank’s main reason of disapproval.

B. Are you not separated from your wife or husband? Because both of you are required to sign loan documents.

C. How much is your combined gross salary or income? There is salary bracket in every amortization amount.

D. Are you renting? How many kids or dependents? Do have existing loan? This will affect your capacity to pay.

E. What is your position or work? How long have you been in your present job? Bank needs at least 2 years.

F. If you have concerns with one or two of the above, In-house financing might be the option.

3. Property Visit
Schedule with us a FREE SITE VIEWING for a better appreciation of the property, amenities, as well as its location, road networks, routes, landmarks and nearby commercial areas.

4. Reservation Payment
Choose your desired property and fills in the necessary forms. The purchase is formalized at the Developer’s Office.

5. Marketing & Admin Briefing
After submission of the Reservation forms and Quotation Sheet, a final briefing will be conducted by the Marketing Team before the actual purchase is formalized.

6. Submission of Requirements
After the briefing and acceptance of duly filled in forms, Client is given 30-60 days to submit necessary requirements for the purchase.

7. Pay Monthly Downpayment
Payment schedule with due dates will be given during reservation.

8. Pay Monthly Bank Amortization
Some Developer requires start of amortization after downpayment is paid even if loan is not yet release.

9. Move-in / Turnover of Property
The property is delivered on a date specified in the Reservation Agreement. Once constructed, the Buyer and Developer will conduct joint inspection of the house to confirm that all commitments are delivered.